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Hi, We are GrassHopper.

We Help Canadian Businesses Increase Liquidity By Monetizing Their Current Assets.

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Optimize Working Capital

Most companies understand the importance of working capital, but many fail to manage it strategically. This means thinking beyond free cash flow, using working capital to improve your company’s ability to bounce back from shocks like supply chain disruption, higher interest rates and tightening market liquidity.

Companies with strong working capital capabilities are substantially more resilient in the face of business shocks than their lower performing peers. They also outperform weaker cash managers in total shareholder return during the early stages of a market downturn, indicating they are better at avoiding or forestalling trouble. 


Effective working capital, or cash management - which includes management of inventory and accounts receivables - results in a strong balance sheet and is a reliable barometer for the overall health of the business.  

Why GrassHopper Capital?

Our team combines expertise in financing working capital in the agribusiness and food and beverage with practical experience of running operating businesses.  Our blended skills set places us in the best position to offer solutions that best fit your needs and limitations. 

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