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Hi, We are GrassHopper

We Provide Asset Based Financing to Businesses When Most Other Lenders Can't.

Asset Based Financing

Asset-based lending involves securing a business loan with an asset owned by the business, such as inventory, property, or industrial equipment. Lenders assess the value of the asset to determine whether a business is eligible for finance and may even consider intellectual property like patents and brands.


The amount of the loan is largely influenced by the value of the collateral asset, along with other factors. This type of lending differs from unsecured loans, where lenders prioritize a company's balance sheet, profitability, and working capital.


For businesses facing uncertain markets or cash flow challenges, asset-based lending may offer a promising alternative financing solution.

Why Grasshopper?

Our team has a different approach to lending than most lenders, as we are not afraid to work with businesses facing difficulties.

This is where we thrive - in situations that may be considered challenging. Although we abide by strict underwriting and compliance standards like other successful lenders, we also take calculated risks to add value to the companies in our portfolio.


If your business is currently facing stress but still has potential, we may be able to assist. Our senior financing is a key part of our services, but we also offer second lien, and subordinated positions, and can incorporate warrants or other types of profit participations into our pricing model.

We'd Love to Hear From You. Here's How You Can Reach Us

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